MIDNIGHT Jet Black Bath Bomb EXTRA LARGE Bath Bomb

MIDNIGHT Jet Black Bath Bomb by Soapie Shoppe will turn your water VERY dark Enjoy a Jet Black Soak when you are feeling just DREADFUL Filled with Detox such as ACTIVATED CHARCOAL AND Bentonite Clay. Smells like Citrus mixed with a Deep Cinnamon! All kinds of YUM!
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" Awesome!!! Smelled great, bubbled and fizzed for at least 5 minutes. My skin was noticeably smoother and softer. The water was a good shade of black, I'd love to see a black bomb with glitter!!! It did leave a dirty black ring in my tub but hey, gotta clean the tub eventually anyway right? Didn't stain tub, towel, scrubby, skin, or my green extensions. I'll definitely be buying more"
- Amazon Customer on Aug 31, 2016 -

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